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About me


My name is Laurent Seince.  Photography is my passion.  When I wake in the morning, it is my first thought and it puts a smile upon my face.  It’s a joy to be part of this industry.

Capturing and sharing your special moments and events are  pure pleasure.  You are assured to receive a beautiful work of art which will bring to mind memories of a significant  time and place in your life.  Your heart will swell with pride each time you contemplate your one-of-a-kind creation.   You can enjoy and  share these  memories for years to come.  This is my goal.

I entered the profession of  photography over thirty years ago in a dark room developing films. Today I use the best available technology, including  digital photography and enhanced retouching features.

I am pleased  to work within your community and make your best moments in life shine forever.

Looking forward to working with you,





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Photo AB Premium

Laurent Seince

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